Week 5: First set of presentations and design update

This week, we were updated on other sub-teams' progress in the semester through their presentations. We will prepare for our presentation, in which the second set of teams will present next week. We also discussed on adding bearings to the joints of the linkages to reduce the amount of friction in the system. Next week we will have the CAD updated and ready to showcase for our first presentation.

Week 4: General Session and Test Frame Design

This week we had a general session for ME195B on how to make an effective presentation. Afterwards, we headed back to the shop and discussed how the test frame would be built in order to showcase our design in Maker Faire. We plan on using leftover parts and materials found in the Superway shop so that we wouldn't need to add more on to our Bill of Materials.

Week 3: Maker Fair frame design

Instead of bringing the entire half-scale track to Maker Fair to demonstrate our design, we will be designing a frame that will showcase it instead. The design will begin within the next few weeks. We have also started Arduino program for the gyroscope and linear actuator.

Week 2: Lightning Talk

We set up an appointment with Dr. Viswanathan to discuss the analysis of our linkage design. We also gave a lightning talk to the Spartan Superway sub-teams about our progress. A link to the presentation is shown below.

Week 1: Start of Spring Semester

This week we looked over our final design to assure that all parts could be manufactured. After determining that our design didn't need any changes, we found some components in the Spartan Superway shop that could be used in our design, cutting the budget of our B.O.M. by a good amount.

Week 15: Presentation 3

Today we presented our final presentation for the semester. We will be finalizing our materials and starting our final report shortly. A link to our presentation is shown below.