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Week 15: Presentation 3

Today we presented our final presentation for the semester. We will be finalizing our materials and starting our final report shortly. A link to our presentation is shown below.

Week 14: New CAD Model

We found some flaws in our recent CAD design and decided to make some changes. One would be a new linkage design utilizing two sets of linkages instead of one. This reduces the stress concentration in the links. We also shortened the vertical length of the design by making the dampening unit a link. FEA analysis will need to be done on the new linkage assembly, which will be done by our next presentation.

Week 13: Active Suspension components

This week we looked into using linear actuators for our suspension to control the pitch leveling of the pod car. After careful research, we found out that an accelerometer, gyroscope, motor driver, and Arduino would be necessary to achieve proper results. Dr. Furman has provided a motor driver for us to use, and a linear actuator was readily available for us to use in Spartan Superway.