Week of 9/6/17: Lightning Talk Presentations

For this week, we prepared for presenting our Lightning Talk to the Spartan Superway Team. We informed our peers about how we will be designing and building a suspension system for the half-scale pod and bogie system. One specification that we mentioned for our suspension was that we needed to keep the pod car level as it transverses through the 17 degree slopes on the track. We hope to successfully build a working half-scale prototype suspension that enhances passenger comfort.

After the presentations were over, we were able to meet with the half-scale bogie and suspension team from this summer. They informed us on certain challenges they faced while working on the half-scale system and advised us about our current design ideas. We were able to obtain their previous CAD files and the program to run the bogie system.

Below is a link to our Lighting Talk presentation this week.


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