Week 12: Revising design on SolidWorks

This week the team worked on developing our new concept to be incorporated into the half-scale suspension on SolidWorks. Our concept is to have the dampening system link not on the bottom like we originally had (Figure 1) but used as the center link to shorten the overall vertical length of the suspension (Figure 2). 

Figure 1. Orginal Suspension Design with vertical dampening system at the bottom of the pivoting links

Figure 2. This is our first iteration of our new concept design

After creating this CAD Model we got to see what are the limitations of our concept design based on the dimensions of our components and the overall form of the parts. We realized after measuring within Solidworks that we need improvement on getting a greater range of pitch angle because we are currently getting 19 degrees in incline and 24 degrees in decline. Also, further development of a modular design needs to be implemented in our design so that we can manufacture with easy and have the opportunity to reiterate the components without needing to cut away. 

We will continue refining our CAD model and start to perform our analysis with FEA in the following weeks.


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